Cooking with Midge: Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast (I totally cheated)

My husband, Mr Puff, and our little albino spider monkey Mr. Monster Max
My husband, Mr Puff, and our little albino spider monkey Mr. Monster Max

Today is Father’s Day. I wanted to surprise my husband, the father of our four beautiful babies, with cooking breakfast. We’re broke so I had to stick to what we had left in the pantry. I found pancake mix! Yay, breakfast. Of course, when I’m in the kitchen when he’s home, he has to come in and make sure things are safe.

Pancakes on the skillet
Pancakes on the skillet

No fires, no burns. As a former cop, safety is something he does worry about, and knowing my lack of skills in the kitchen, he does worry when I cook.

I got out the bag of pancake mix, turned on the skillet, found the flipper thingy (what is that called again?) and he got up, and added his “secret” ingredients which consisted of an unknown amount of sugar and vanilla. I asked him (well, because he was there) how much water does he add to it? He replied, “I just eyeball it, add water till it’s the right consistency.” What consistency is that? I didn’t want to ask that, so I just mixed in water till it was thinner than dough but thicker than gravy. At least I think.

I poured the mix on the skillet. I tried to make them round, how to you make pancakes into perfect circles? At least none turned out in the shape of Africa or South America this time. Although I wasn’t sure when to flip them. I waited. Till the bubbles on the top popped and flipped. They were a little bit fluffier than I think they were supposed to be, and not all of the other side would touch the skillet. So one side is a golden brown color while the other was more like an island of cooked pancake in the middle of under-cooked pancake. Oh well, I will serve them with the prettier side up. No one will notice.

Finished Pancakes. Almost round.
Finished Pancakes. Almost round.

They were filling. I really don’t think I did them right, but my husband ate them anyway, and so did my kids because I told them I would be offended if they didn’t. 🙂 I wonder what I will cook tomorrow…..

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