Cooking With Midge: Blue cookies?

Blue Cookies!
Blue Cookies!

I decided to make something different for dessert last night. Something I’d never made before and something the kids had never seen. I searched the internet and found this recipe for blue cookies. I was curious if my younger children would eat them or freak out over the color. For entertainment value more than anything I went with it!

The recipe was easy to follow. All I needed was one 8oz of cream cheese package, a box of blue velvet cake mix, one egg, 1/2 a cup of butter, a half a teaspoon of vanilla, and powdered sugar. I mixed the egg, butter, vanilla, and cream cheese with my gimpy broken mixer. Oh well, it works, just takes a little longer.

Gimpy Mixer
Gimpy Mixer

The kids, Max age 4, and Betsy age 6, hoovered over and watched me. Max looked rather confused, looking at the box of blue cake mix and said “Mom, you’re making cookies, not CAKE!” Betsy added “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

I added the cake mix while they looked at each other surprised. They both tried to peer in the bowl as I mixed to watch the yellow mix then turn blue while the cake mix slowly was beaten into the dough.

The next step was to refrigerate it for 30 minutes before baking. I spent this time cleaning up the huge blue and white mess I made while my kids asked me hundreds of questions. “What does the blue taste like? What makes it blue? Is it made from smurfs?”

Finally baking time, yay! I rolled the dough up into balls and then rolled them in powdered sugar and baked them for 10 minutes. The kids stayed in the kitchen to watch them bake.

Once they came out of the oven, the kids were having a hard time containing their excitement for a new blue cookie. I saw this as the perfect opportunity. “As soon as your room is clean, the cookies will be ready.” They both ran off and cleaned their room in a matter of minutes.

The kids ran back to the kitchen as I served them up a couple cookies each. They loved them. They had a buttery cream cheese flavor, and did not taste like food dye like I had expected. They were also fluffy and cake like. Not crunchy or hard as rocks like my previous cookie baking experiences, and no fire trucks arrived. The kids didn’t freak out about the color like I had hoped, but they cleaned their room.

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