Cooking With Midge: Country Fried Steak? Well, I tried

Country Fried Steak, Midge Style, all crunchy
Country Fried Steak, Midge Style, all crunchy

I got a little adventurous the other night for dinner. My husband was out running errands and wouldn’t be back till after five pm. Yay, creativity in the kitchen! Well, sort of. I grabbed the cook book and flipped through and found Country Fried Steak. Hm. I’d never tried to fry anything other than eggs before, this should be fun! 

I threw together an egg wash bath, just a couple beaten eggs and milk. I mixed together a couple cups of breadcrumbs, basil and oregano, salt and pepper in another shallow dish. I heated up 2 skillets of cooking oil and attempted to follow the next direction.

“Fry in skillet 6 minutes flipping half way through.” Ok, easy enough, I started with one steak, dipped it in the egg wash bath, coated it in the dry mixture, and in the oil. Less than 2 minutes and it was brown. I flipped it, and let it fry 2 more minutes. It looked way darker than I had anticipated and even though the meat was far from done, the coating looked way done.

Once I had all the steaks ready, I threw them in the oven. I couldn’t remember how to cook steaks in the oven and the directions in the cookbook were meant for a covered skillet which I do not own. Next mistake, I broiled the steaks 15 minutes, flipped them over, and another 15 minutes.

They were edible. Crunchy, and well done, but the kids all ate, and so did my husband without complaint.

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