Hi! I’m Midge, Mr. Puff’s wife. He calls me The Midget, but I’m NOT a midget! Despite what he says! Being the wife of a comedian who is going to school full time and my recent unemployment status, I found myself being the one needing to cook for our family of 6. I don’t cook. I feel like a dumb kid in home economics class (do they still have that class in middle schools?) who goofed off too much to know what the heck the teacher just told us to do. When I informed our six year old daughter that I was going to be cooking dinner one day during lunch, she looked at me quite concerned and very seriously said “Oh no, I want to play outside then all day till dinner time!” because she hates it when the smoke detectors go off. She has said to me when finding me in the kitchen “But, Mom, you can’t cook! Did Daddy teached you yet? You better go get him.” When I was 23, I was alone with the older two daughters for Easter and had to call my mom to ask her how to hard boil the eggs. Yeah, 23, didn’t know how to hard boil eggs. Here I will be blogging about my experiences in learning how to cook.

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